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About Me

Fiona Charvet Portrait

I’m a certified Life Coach. In 2019, I studied at Coaching Ways, an ICF accredited school. Since then, I have been coaching people intending to help them reach for their dreams. 

I’ve always been interested in understanding human behavior, what favors growth, and how we can feel more aligned with ourselves.

This passion fueled me to surmount my dyslexia and obtain my Master's Degree in psychology. After this first success, I set myself the new goals of firstly, making it in the corporate world, and secondly, living abroad. Both of those goals held challenges for me, dyslexia for the former, and my introverted and shy nature for the latter.

But I succeeded in my goals and once both of those personal goals were achieved, I wanted to help people do the same and succeed in their goals. I decided to go back to my passion of personal development, and align with my values in helping others.

For me, the best way to help people achieve their goals and align with their own values was through coaching.

Coaching has positive energy to it and sets people in action.

My coaching philosophy is based on two beliefs:

  • You can do anything you set your mind to; you have a challenge ahead. I will accompany you to find the resources you need because I believe you can do it.

  • The best parts of you are in you, just waiting for the opportunity to shine, and we’ll find them along the way to get the best part of you to shine Brighter.

It is very fulfilling for me to witness the progress of my clients, and I will look forward to accompanying you.

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